Azure Security Tutorial #8 – Restore VM / Data

Now we come to the last tutorial, you will learn about  Protect SQL Server Virtual Machine using Azure Backup Service.

Review Restore Options

  1. Search Recovery Service Vault and click the service on the result list.restore
  2. Find ‘Backup Items’ on the lift lists and click ‘Backup Items’restoreClick Azure Virtual Machine.restoreClick backup item.


  3. You’ll see two options on the menurestore
    • Restore VMYou can create a Virtual Machine from the backup. restore
    • File RecoveryYou can restore some files from the backup withou restoreing whole entire Virtual Machine. restore

Restore Files

File recovery option is a quick and easy way to revoer some files from the backup.

  1. Select File Recovery optionrestore
  2. Download Executeable
    • Click ‘Download executeable’


    • Run the download file as administrator


  3. Use password to mount disk to your local computer
  4. Access disksYou can restore some files from backup without restoring a Virtual Machine.restore
  5. When you finished file recovery work, unmount the disks from your local computer.restore

Review Back, you had learn:

  • Create Resource Group
  • Create Virtual Network
  • Create Network Security Group
  • Create Key Vault
  • Create SQL Server Virtual Machine
  • Encrypt Database
  • Backup Virtual Machine
  • Restore data from Backup Vault

Lastly, Please Remove the resources from your Microsoft Azure Portal.

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